A group of Marxist revolutionaries with an axe to grind have turned a grand but empty building into a hostel and food bank
On the 23rd of February 1981, gunfire erupted in the Congress of Deputies as a group of armed rebels attempted to do away with democracy and install a…
In Spain's deep south, one small village has decided to do things differently, and has been practicing rural communism for the last 40 years.
Secluded within a valley in the Serra Calderona, stands a monastery with a 700-year history, whose monks are experts at self-isolation.
Every summer and winter for the last 361 years, France and Spain have been passing a small, unpopulated island back and forth between them.
Some of Spain's most cherished foods have origins in times of scarcity, and some surprising original ingredients.
España 2000 aren't just a bunch of loud thugs, they are well-organised and well-funded by their shadowy backers.
The rivalry between a right-wing journalist and left-wing politician has spilt into the courts, with each accused of going to illegal lengths to bring…
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